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The Moon Fields

Super 64-Bit Sword & Sorcery Action Adventure & PvP · By lunarsignals


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Six Buttons & Shift and Auto-Climb
(5 buttons - 2 buttons ) x Shift = 6 buttons? 3 buttons + Shift button + Aim button + Foot button = 6 buttons! What? The Moon Fields used to be an Analog Stick...
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Big Stage Update
The big new change in the Big Stage Update is the stage count. Five new stages have been added: Pedestal Room, Stone Bridge, Cliffside, Wellspring, and Old Mach...
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Shield Parries and Post ACen Balance
Wow! There've been a lot of changes since the last devlog update. I'll try to go over the bigger changes, and then I'll go over a few tweaks that I thought were...
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The Air Battles Update
Wow, it has been a crazy ride since I last dev logged. I've been to coast to coast from Game Developer's Conference and PAX East and a bunch of cool things inbe...
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Competitive Balance, GDC Indie MEGABOOTH, and More
Woo! First off, The Moon Fields is in the Indie MEGABOOTH for GDC! There were 24 games selected to showcase at the IMB over in the Moscone Center and I'm super...
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Shield Recovery
** The Big Experiment was a success. With lots of small ongoing tweaks to items, the +2HP experiment is really fleshing out the damage model without changing th...
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The Big Experiment
I'm shaking up a lot of things in The Moon Fields, and I'm hoping to test and tweak this stuff before the next couple showcases. I'm very, very interested in fe...
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Broadsword, Sunstick, and Drop Goo
For the last update of 2017, I added 3 new items: the Broadsword, the Sunstick, and the Drop Goo. In addition to continuing the work on the single player, I've...
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