Broadsword, Sunstick, and Drop Goo

For the last update of 2017, I added 3 new items: the Broadsword, the Sunstick, and the Drop Goo. In addition to continuing the work on the single player, I've got to thank the folks at New Capitol Gaming and Des Moines Social Club for hosting The Moon Fields for their NYE bash. I feel very honoured that someone would spend time showing off my game hundreds of miles away at one of their parties. Super big thanks to them. And with that, on with the weapon update:

The Broadsword is a short range melee weapon that bridges the gap between the Knights' Sword and the Battle Axe. It has two wide swings on the ground and a downward stab in the air. Its Forward attack is a quick Forehand Swing and is useful for covering a lot of ground near you. If you find enemies using Side Shields to block your quick Forehand Swing, you can use your Backhand Swing Neutral attack to go for your enemy's unshielded side. And its air attack has lots of active frames, so you can use it to jump in with an attack against enemies with long range. The Broadsword is generally easier to aim than the Knights' Sword and faster than the Battle Axe, but it's got shorter range than either.

The Sunstick is a long range magical melee weapon. It does low amounts of damage, but it's great at keeping enemies far enough away that they won't be damaging you, either. Its Forward attack is a Long Jab with 180* of Quick Turn. This attack ends with a jump backward to lead into its Air Smash attack. The normal Air Smash attack is an overhead swing down with range about the same as the Long Jab. If you have 1FP you will cast Extend on the Sunstick to make the range extraordinarily long. And finally its Neutral attack is a Forehand Spin. This does low damage, but it covers a lot of space in close and can Clash with Backhand attacks. You can Dash/Jump cancel out of a that weapon clash to quickly return to idle and get out of danger.

The Drop Goo is more Goo based area control. On activation, the Drop Goo explodes Goo over the screen, and after a short period of time it self ignites. The fuse on this one is longer than the Drop Bomb, but you have 3 drops and the drops have much more lasting power. And like Throw Goo you can also use these to block off paths on the stage. The advantage to Drop Goo over Throw Goo is its precision.

  • Added Broadsword
  • Broadsword Tilt is a Forehand swing
  • Broadsword Neutral and Air Neutral is a Backhand swing
  • Broadsword Air Tilt is a Downward Stab
  • Added Sunstick
  • Sunstick Tilt is a Long Poke
  • Sunstick Neutral is a defensive Spin Attack
  • Sunstick Air is a Long Smash with a Magic Extender that costs 1MP
  • Added Drop Goo
  • Drop Goo lights on fire after 2 seconds
  • Set Crouch Speed reduction as a function of time holding the Dash/Jump button
  • Increased the startup speed for Goblin Head Neutral Flame Blast
  • Goblin Head Forward Ground Flame quick turn reduced from 90 to 45
  • Goblin Head Neutral Flame Blast sped up to 50f from 52f
  • Whale Blade Neutral Wide Backhand stun reduced to 40f (from 42f)


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