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#NotZelda Overhead Adventure is a complete package of thousands of unique tiles, sprites, and fonts to create your own overhead adventure. This should be useful for your own Zelda-like, medieval Nuclear Throne, RPG, Gauntlet'em'up, or anything inbetween.


  • Overworld tilesets for Forest, Plains, Desert, Cave, Beach, Fortress, and Towns
  • Dungeon tilesets with 6 color variants and decals
  • 9 Fully Animated Characters including Colt, Gigante, and The Fool from
  • The Moon Fields
  • Dozens of attacks & special effects + a full tutorial on turning any of the hundreds of items into another attack
  • Another dozen+ enemies including 5 large bosses
  • Plus utility tiles like UI, menu, fonts, and the keyboard/controller prompts in #NotControl
  • TLDR every sprite or tile you would need to make your own #NotZelda game is included in this pack (and if it's not please comment below)!

I would like to continue expanding this asset set to accommodate all kinds of adventures, so please leave comments and concerns below. And if this works out, I'll be looking into doing more #Not packs (maybe Castlevania? Mario? Final Fantasy? Double Dragon?).


#NotZelda Overhead Adventure is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. This license allows adaptations of your work to be shared under the same license, and allows your work to be used commercially, as long as it's attributed to LUNARSIGNALS. This is a Free Culture License.

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Buy Now$12.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $12 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Overhead Adventure1.4.zip 11 MB
Interactive Demo .MFA Multimedia Fusion 148 kB
Super Overhead Adventure.zip 27 MB

Download demo

Interactive Demo.zip 1 MB


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@lunarsignals The OpenZC (open src ZeldaClassic) software is using this. We purchased the complete set, and we'd like to inquire if we could work with you to create enemy and other sprite re-skins to match.

I also hope that you don't mind, but I snagged your BG image as a temporary BG visual for our new site (openzc.org). I'm still working on getting the fully-open-assets site launched.

If you haven't heard of ZC.... Where have you been hiding for nearly v21 years?! :P

For now, zeldaclassic.com remains the steadfast home of our software, which you can also snag from github (github.com/ArmageddonGames/ZeldaClassic).

Anyway, we'e converted the majority of these assets (a playable demo is available if you are interested), but we honestly need good spriters to fill in the gaps between our legacy (infringing) assets, and something that everyone can use without fear.

You can reach me on Discord as @Timelord#9741 

Rad. I loved Zelda Classic back in the day. I'll ping you on discord and we can talk.

Brilliant: I look forward to it. I haven't heard from you, so I hope that you did not have issues finding me.

We just launched openzc.org with anew forum, so you can also find me there.


It's astounding how well put together this is. The graphics are astounding, but what really got my attention was how well documented this is. I've tried using many asset packs in the past, and many times the sheets are simply provided as-is, with no instructions or guides whatsoever. This can make it difficult to determine exact dimensions on sprite sheets and the way the tiles function together.

The creator thought of every possible way to fix that. For example, I was attempting to import one of the character sprites into Gamemaker Studio 2, but I didn't know, as per usual, the frame dimensions on the tile sheet. A quick look in the containing folder revealed a document containing not only dimensions, but each sprite's function and position labeled using columns and rows, respectively.  There are also well-labeled folders and example images showing the content in use. In case you somehow need more help, there is also an interactive demo included.

Well done. If there was a way to make images almost plug-and-play, lunarsignals somehow managed to do it. Now if only I can exercise half as much effort and stop being lazy, I might be able to actually make something out of it all...

:):) thanks for the kind words. Let us know if you end up making something with the art :)


I love these assets! I've been using them to prototype out a game I'm working on. Have to say I also love your interactive demo. Would you consider releasing the source code for that? I've been trying to do a very similar melee attack style but cannot figure it out. Maybe you could point me to the right tutorial?


what format do the tiles come in?

The files are spritesheets in .PNG format

Thank you. Got it. Now it says virus detected?

I don't think that's a problem on my end. Which antivirus are you using and what does it say specifically?

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Bought for no other reason than I love Zelda and I love this initiative and the fact that it's CC-licensed!

Thanks, @LunarSignals!

thank you so much :)

You might want to swap out the steps.  They're a little too close to the inspiration I think.

Do the enemies also have animations?


  • The large boss enemies have unique animations for walking, idle, and different attacks
  • The smaller enemies have walking animations in multiple directions and many have throwable items
  • And many of the humanoid player sprites can easily pass for enemies

thank you, i bought it and i'm enjoying it a lot.  Can you share the source code of the interactive demo?

I was so busy these last few weeks that I forgot to upload the file. I uploaded the Multimedia Fusion 2 .mfa project file. I hope that is helpful for you? I may or may not build another demo project in Unity for a train jam... We'll see!


This looks amazing! When I have a project to fit this style, I may just come back for these. Keep up the good work.

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Thanks for the kind words! The assets are currently on sale if you would like to purchase them. I'm considering making a #NotBelmont tileset in relation to Castlevania, though I do like making overhead tiles, so... We'll see :)


These are great

Thank you very much :)


Great pack and awesome support, thank you.

Have you considered doing village/interior tiles? :)

My main concern was Zelda 1 style adventure, so I did not consider doing many village tiles. There's enough for houses and brick buildings, but the interiors are pretty special. If I update the pack I'll add more building interior tiles :)

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I actually might pick this up, can you add a couple more screens of the characters and items? Also if you could make a Pokemon type tileset in this quality tons of people will buy trust me.

I added some menu tiles and an action shot at the waterfall. There's a few of the items/characters there. Here's the twitter post w/ images https://twitter.com/LUNARSIGNALS/status/1077717067820949504

Re: Pokemon tiles --- Canari Games just released their modern Link's Awakening, and I think they're doing a killer job, but maybe I can figure out how to do it right... Thanks for the suggestion!


Let me know if you are interested in other asset packs! I'm leaning towards Castlevania, but there seems to be a wealth of medieval platformer assets out there. I was thinking Double Dragon-y or Ninja Gaiden-y could be good, but I'm open to suggestions.


This is amazing! It has everything! Some window/menu ui might be nice, but with this style, it's fairly easy to do oneself. Thank you :)

Thank you! I didn't think about UI, but that sounds like exactly a thing to add in an update :)


You added menu stuff! You're my favorite :)


I feel conflicted.  This is so lovely, and i want to buy it, but it's also doing the same thing as an art pack I've been working on myself.  I'm surprised the price is so low, especially considering how much artwork is in this.  It looks really great, I look forward to getting it when the holiday season is over and I have a little money for myself.

Do both :) And feel free to let me know if you release an overhead Zelda-style art pack as well!


Bro a pixel art legend (Sharm) just commented on your assets and you didn't even realize.


Oh hell yeah sup Sharm


Oh gosh, you guys are making me blush!  I'm not that amazing at pixel art.  I've just been doing it for a while, that's all.

Bought!  Wow, there's so much stuff in this!  I'm very impressed.  I especially like how many of the tiles have so many variations.

thank you so much :)


This is beautiful.

Thank you so much :)


very cool,  looking froward to seeing what comes next

It's looking like it'll be Castlevania next:


I would love to see some space themed pixel art... Mega man, Super Metroid... or some top down space art.... 

Deleted 102 days ago

No problem! To be short - no, you do not have to release your game and code under the same license. The license only applies to the art assets. You are free to use these art assets in any way you want (even commercially) as long as you give credit and share the art under the same license.  This page from the CC website might help.

I hope this clears up any concerns. :)

Deleted 102 days ago

No worries! You don't need to include a ZIP of art or anything like that. Just credit me in game and tell the user that the art is licensed to you under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 International license. You can copy this sample text if it helps:

"Thank you for playing [Insert Name of Game]. The art for [Insert Name of Game] is sourced from #NotZelda Overhead Adventure Tiles by LUNARSIGNALS and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license."

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Oh! I see now.

So "share" just means make it easy for the player to find the source of the assets (e.g., via links and artist information in the credits and text file, etc.) so they can also purchase them if they wish.

Awesome. Thanks for the clarification!

To be specific, the "Share Alike" (SA) clause means that if you make derivative work of the CC-BY-SA artwork, then you should share this derivative work under a similar license. The general understanding is that a game using this artwork is not a derivative work, so in this case you only need to give attribution (BY). If you create new art assets based on this artwork though, then you should share it under a similar license. Your own art assets which are not derived from #NotZelda are not affected by this license, so they can stay proprietary.


Are you sure you want to be selling something with a CC license?  Technically someone could buy it and then post the whole thing on OGA.  It would probably be better to come up with your own licensing rules that require the posting of significant edits but don't allow reposting of unedited material.

There have been a few people mentioning this to me, and part of me does worry. While my goals align fairly well with CC, I think that if this asset set ends up widely available for free to the public, I'll probably change it. I hope I figure out the licensing issues before I release another asset set.

And thanks for the concern :)

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Actually I'm considering buying this assets pack because it comes under a free culture license, which means that I could use it to make a fully free and open source game. It is true that the license allows a buyer to share the artwork for free, thus bypassing the commercial entry point here, but that's kind of the point of a free license. The Attribution clause should at least ensure that people who may redistribute it would link to this itch.io page, though users who can afford it might consider supporting the original author directly.

The Share Alike clause even means that if people modify these assets, they should share them under a similar license themselves, which most would likely do free of charge. In practice, though, I've rarely seen people bother about it and publish their games using modified CC-BY-SA artwork without putting said artwork easily accessible online -- and most artists seem fine with it. The real "use" of SA would be more to prevent people forking the artwork and selling it as proprietary, which then would be a clear breach of license.

TL;DR: Thanks for giving commercial artwork + free license a chance! That's a great, yet hardly used, combination, and it does include some "risk", but I hope it turns out well for you.