Potions and Team Synergy

Potions have always been a fairly weak class of items. They're weird and alchemical. Their uses are very specific and are very strong for what they do, but what they do is very specific. The Heart Potion takes a while to drink, but it heals 2HP. The Boot Potion makes you very fast for 5 seconds. And the Purple Potion refills your Focus Points. I think of them as a sharp edge that you can use to gain an advantage. That lets them be very powerful, but only for specific situations. And outside of healing, those situations may or may not be common enough to help turn the tide. So I introduced potion throwing.

Potion throwing is activated by jumping into the air. Specifically it is an Air Tilt Attack. This is because I want high level players to still be able to activate potion drinking in mid air - if they want to. They all have 180 degree Quick Turns so that you can throw the potion in any direction. Because it's activated in the air, the throw trajectory is the short throw which is perfect for aiming and throwing on teammates. Longer throws for potions would be pretty amazing if they connected, but they definitely would not be very useful.

Once a potion is thrown, it activates when it collides with the player. Heart Potions and Boot Potions activate their positive effects by healing or temporarily granting a speed boost. The Purple Potion increases Magic Points, so it seems as though it wouldn't be as useful thrown to another player. I decided that thematically and mechanically it would be better if a thrown Purple Potion had a magical explosion on impact. On collision it'd do 1 damage itself and spawn a magical explosion that would do 1 more damage. The damage output is lower than a Throwable Bomb, and it won't light things on fire, but it is a nice way to ping for 1 or 2 more damage.

One of the main reasons I wanted to add a throwable aspect to potions is because potions were pretty weak in team modes. A healing potion is slightly faster than a healing spell, but over a longer round, the amount of HP healed by the healing potion can get up pretty high. It's the specificity - the timing and the ability to target the recipient of the effect - that makes it useful. That's the same for all potions. They should all eek out just enough efficiency to win the round. Hopefully with throwing you'll be able to spread out the power over team rounds.

Changelog 1117c:

  • Added "Throw" function to Air Attack on Heart, Boot, and Purple Potions
  • When Heart or Boot potions collide with another player they activate like normal
  • Thrown Purple Potions explode on impact for 1 damage and spawn a Magic Explosion for 1 more damage
  • Momentum now passes to thrown objects
  • Lowered the QuickTurn on the Halberd Air Attack to 15 from 120
  • Increased the Maximum dashspeed
  • Increased movement speed by 0.5m/s


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