Leap Boost And Neutral Aim

A few things: I'll be in Iowa City demoing the game at RADplay this weekend. The next weekend starting November 17, my friend Paul will be at Daisho Con showing off The Moon Fields, and I'll be in Chicago checking out Indie City Coop and hopefully demoing at Logan Theater Playtest. If you're in any of these spots, it'd be super cool to see you.

1) I added an Aiming button. On PS4/XB controllers all the R1/L1 and RB/LB buttons are all Aiming buttons, and on a Gamecube controller it's the Z button. This is an optional button that, if you're at Neutral, limits your stick position to under the threshhold for walking. It lets you turn and aim without moving which is pretty helpful for popping out the neutral attacks in the right direction.

One of the hiccups with doing it this way was the visual language of "going to neutral" meant you were readying your neutral attack, so moving and stopping was a way to fake out your opponent. You could stop moving to threaten a neutral attack. Conversely, if your opponent never stopped moving, you never had to worry about their neutral attacks. I had to make it so that you could only activate this while already neutral. If you activate it while you're already neutral, it'll lock your position but let you keep aiming.

Related, but not as important, the telescope is now a toggle. This makes the telescope's aim more useful for magic builds, and it's a little bit more understandable. I was wary about having a toggle type item, but I think this is going to be fine. I know there's going to be a torch, and that'll also be a toggle type action.

2) I modified the jumping/leaping a lot. Before, Jump and Leap were differentiated by horizontal motion - Jump was straight up and Leap had horizontal motion related to the amount you pressed out the analog stick, but they both jumped up 2m. I increased it so that Leap now has 3m of vertical push, so you have more mobility if you plan correctly. The small amount of time difference (24f vs. 30f) that Leap throws you up in the air also allows for more punishes if you jump incorrectly, but also more time/distance to use your air attacks. I gave downforce to a lot of the air attacks, and the slight variance here makes for really dynamic air attacks (e.g. you can activate early or late).

This lets you jump up 3 meters to things like the ropes in the Ravine, but it's a very slight execution barrier. It makes for interesting fail states (e.g. seeing people try to jump up and fall). The extra air time and downforces on some attacks also makes drop down Air Attacks from elevated positions (e.g. Knights' Sword's Downstab) a lot more viable.

I also added an auto-Jump if you are fall off a cliff while charging the Leap. You can't move as far or as high with a Jump than a Leap, but you can still cross shorter distances.



  • Added "Limit Stick" button to stay in Neutral activated by RB/LB or R1/L1 or Z
  • Increased Walk Threshold from 50% to 75%
  • Changed Telescope use to press to toggle
  • Dash activates immediately on button press e.g. Leap exhausts 1FP
  • Increased Leap vertical height from 2 meters to 3 meters
  • Added 75% movespeed penalty while holding Dash/Jump e.g. while charging Leap
  • Added downforce to many Air Attacks
  • Lowered Stun Returned on Regular Attacks 
  • Extended active frames for Winged Spear Air Attack
  • Black Branch Smash has been changed to a Regular Attack from a Power Attack
  • Black Branch Smash damage returned to 2
  • Firebook Fire Toss spawns 1 more Flame, time burning is the same
  • Increased Book Of Barriers Magic Barrier initial stun radius to 1.75 meters from 1.5 meters
  • Lowered minimum movement speed to 5 m/s (from 5.5 m/s)
  • Increased maximum movement speed to 8.125 m/s (from 8 m/s)


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Nov 07, 2017
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Nov 07, 2017

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