First Update, Live Game Demos, Roadmap

Hey, so this is my first update to The Moon Fields. I guess it's a good time to discuss how I'm going to use this page to help me with the roadmap I have planned. I'll be updating The Moon Fields every month to add new features, do balance updates, or emergency fixes. The naming will be YEARMONTH followed by a letter. This is the second update for this month, so it is the 201710b update. If you are playing the demo version, it should say demo before.

For the next couple months I'll be doing balance and quality of life features, but as soon as everything settles down (I'm guessing this month should be it), I will be adding new STAGES or ITEMS. 

The two big things for this update are the Time Out Flags and the balance changes. Time Out Flags appear when the round lasts too long. This time can be changed in the Options menu. If a player or party holds a flag uninterrupted for 3 seconds, they win the round.  An opponent can reset the timer by entering the Time Out Circle.

Before I get to the balance updates, I should post about Where I'm Demoing The Moon Fields: The M+Dev Preparty at Filament this upcoming Thursday before the M+Dev event in Madison, WI. I'm also going to Iowa City November 11th for RADplay hosted by Iowa Game Dev Friendship Club. I'm *hoping* I get into another event closer to Milwaukee, but we'll see. 

Anyways, onto the more balance updates I found pretty interesting:

The Healing Circle seems to heal a little too fast, so I cut the healing speed by 50% but extended the overall healing time by 20%. Keeping the circle out longer makes for much more dynamic flow after it comes out and encourages my favorite Codex tactic.

The Book of Barriers Magic Barrier has changed over its original inception. It stuns or damages based on the proximity of the enemy to where the Barrier Seed lands. It's always been about providing cover from long range archers, and now that it deals damage periodically, it's cover from enemies that rush in as well.

The Fire Book's fireball has had its damage lowered and FP cost lowered so it's more spammable. Its much more viable to set up corner traps and support your teammates with chaos.

The Goblin Head Dragon Breath combos from the Polished Blade's Rising Attack and just looks kind of awesome.

The Starlight Thurst has been switched over to neutral where it can be spammed from a range without moving forward. This is useless if you don't have magic, but if you generate FP you can blast a bunch of darts.

1017b Changes

  • There is a Time Out Flag. If a round lasts too long, the Time Out Flag appears. A party or free agent holding the flag for 3 seconds without interruption from opponents wins the round
  • The game now starts with an Introductory "How To" scene
  • The Options screen is now accessible immediately from a menu
  • The game now tells you to "Hold Start" to reset after a Match. Matches will auto restart over time
  • The Temple Codex Healing Circle healing time increased to 6s, healing increment increased to 1.5s (total healing decreased to 4)
  • The Book of Barriers Magic Barrier now deals damage at 2s increments
  • Black Branch forward motion decreased, attack animation increased from 20f to 22f
  • Goblin Head Dragon Breath downangle decreased, now spits 4 flames
  • Fire Book Fireball cost decreased to 1FP, the number of flames over time decreased, time burning is the same
  • Halberd stun time increased by 4f
  • Heart Potion now heals 1HP per second for 2 total HP of healing
  • Magic Sword Forehand attack now has a 4FP Magic Flame spell.
  • Polished Blade Rising Attack stun increased by 5f
  • Starlight Stepback Thrust and Thrust commands reversed
  • Starlight Stepback Thrust damage reduced to 2, stun increased to 36f


The Moon Fields Demo - Windows 22 MB
Oct 24, 2017
The Moon Fields Demo - OSX 25 MB
Oct 24, 2017
TheMoonFields - Windows 22 MB
Oct 24, 2017
The Moon Fields - OSX 25 MB
Oct 24, 2017

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